Painting exhibition "On the Waves of Artistic Romance"

An exhibition of paintings by Victoria Grechko, the artist from Kalush, is ongoing in the Bastion Gallery.

Mrs. Victoria started painting at a mature age but she liked painting since her childhood. And it is not surprising, because she was born in a creative family. Her father was a theater actor in his youth; her mother also liked painting, played the guitar and sang. Her parents chose other jobs but there were many books on art in her parents' house, which the future artist often studied.

However, Mrs. Victoria did not dedicate her future to the art but worked in the field of ecology at the research institute of PJSC "Ukrnafta". At work, she lived in the world of numbers, analyzes and monotony, so when a free moment appeared, Mrs. Victoria used it for painting. It was a kind of relax. She usually wanted to paint when she was in a good mood. But she started painting seriously only after retirement.

"In retirement, I realized that I can manage my time on my own and do what I like," the author of the exhibition said. - I created the first oil painting in three hours. And I was very satisfied with my work, because I was able to depict the atmosphere."

According to the artist, each painting is a kind of confession that brings relief and satisfaction from the creative impulse.

"While creating, I felt the parturiency. And I would like to say that there was no more pleasant occupation in my life. However, I was in no hurry to show my paintings to the public. It seemed to me that when I put the paintings on people, I would feel “naked”. To some extent, I was afraid of publicity. In fact, paintings want to be looked at."

Victoria Grechko will donate part of the costs from the sale of paintings to the needs of the Ukrainian army and the Kalush city branch of the "Union of Ukrainian Women".