The Spiritual advance exhibition by Anna Sokolan

The exhibition of sacred paintings by Anna Sokolan opened on December 25 at the Art na Mur Gallery.

The artist was born in Ivano-Frankivsk, studied at the Kosiv School of Applied and Decorative Arts, and later continued her studies at the Lviv National Academy of Arts. The main area of her canvas is modern icon painting.

The new exhibition presents some canvases connected with the Christian religion and paintings that reflect the non-classical attitude to spirituality.

In particular, the following canvases of the author are presented at the exhibition:

"Christmas" (2018) - an icon that is designed to help people overcome life's trials, to find peace of mind, which strengthens the faith.

"Against Evil Hearts" (2019) - embodies protection from all evil.

 "Savior" (2019). It depicts the Savior, who should be asked to save the soul, to show the true way, to be healed and to get rid of bad thoughts.

"Choice" (2020). This canvas depicts a very old but important plot, where Adam and Eve make a choice, near the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil - to take the fruit or not?

"Stages of Being" (2020). The picture shows the stages of development of the soul from the moment when the Energy is still in a state of "chaos" and begins to realize itself in the first stage. The soul is embodied in the second stage, then passes to the third stage and further, to the higher stages of Being.

The canvas "Creation" (2020) depicts the foundation on which the Creation / Spiritual advance is formed:

1. The Law of Freedom of Will - The Creator knows himself as an individual and at the same time a holistic aspect of the Unity.

2. Love, God, the Creative Principle, the Great Heartbeat - the creator of physical illusions, where the Creator can know Himself.

3. Light - the creation of material things.

"Appeal" (2020). The embodiment of the idea that we have the infinite support of higher powers and at different times in life we ​​can turn to them.

"A world we do not see" (2020). The picture reflects the idea that we live in a physical world, but outside it there is a world we do not see.

"Creator" (2020) - an image of the Higher Mind, the Great Energy.

Anna Sokolan's paintings are an attempt to reflect the spiritual world, which we cannot see with our eyes, but can feel and know by the call of our soul.

The canvases are made of acrylic paints on primed wooden boards.

Welcome to the exhibition!