Alisa Szymanska's exhibition "Living Life"

The first personal exhibition of Alisa Szymanska's art works was opened today in the Bastion Gallery. The artist has been working for a relatively short time, but she is persistently looking for her own way and working on her individual artistic style. She creates in the style of naturalism in various genres – portrait, floristics, still life. The author also creates thematic paintings and other compositions.

Ms. Alisa has no professional art education, but her paintings are created at a high artistic level. She successfully builds a composition of paintings and finds spectacular color combinations on the palette. According to Ms. Alisa, her creative abilities were taken after her grandfather. Her grandfather Ivan Bodnaruk was a well-known architect in Prykarpattia, "father of Hutsul architecture", author of the ethnic building of the Hutsulshchyna restaurant in Yaremche.

In the first year of her creative work, the artist created more than 40 paintings. This year, the author also won the Golden Time International Competition in Canada – three of her paintings took the first place. Two of these three works are presented at a new exhibition at the Bastion Gallery, and the entire exhibition consists of twelve paintings.

The name of the exhibition "Living Life" was chosen because each work of the artist is a celebration of life in all its appearances.