Painting exhibition "Waiting for the positive"

Today, an exhibition of paintings by the artist Nomeda Čiurlionite opened in our gallery. As the author herself notes, the new works are distinguished by colors that are not typical for her work, because she adores the color black. However, the exhibited works are dominated by light, clean, cheerful colors, which fully correspond to the title of the exhibition - "Waiting for the positive".

Both the colorss and the name of the exhibition are designed to give viewers a little positivity in these difficult times and to hint that even after the darkest night, the dawn is sure to come. Some works are also a reminder of the hard experience - for example, a man in a mask reminds of the “Covid" period. Ms. Nomeda is best known as an abstract artist, but her works contain elements of various artistic styles, including surrealism.

Nomeda Čiurlionite was born in Vilnius. She spent her childhood and youth there. She lived in London for almost twenty years, where she studied web design and worked as a make-up artist on television. At the same time, she did not stop painting.

In London, she took part in the organization of the annual international film festival "Portobello" - created the web page of the event and the short film "Ex Boxers Overweight", which took part in the the festival. For a long time she was a member of the electronic crowd formation NBAW (New Generation of Alternative Artists), where she created visual content for performances held in Great Britain, Austria and Germany.

Now Ms. Nomeda lives permanently in Kolomyia with her family, and her artistic works are well known both in Ukraine and abroad.

Welcome to the exhibition!