Sergey Zakharov`s painting exhibition "Adapter of reality"

Today at four o'clock in the evening at the Bastion gallery, there was opened the painting exhibition "Adapter of Reality" by the famous Ukrainian artist Sergey Zakharov.

The author of the exhibition is from Donetsk. In 2014, the whole Ukraine learned about him and his name became a symbol of cultural opposition to the occupation of the Donbass. He created caricatures of terrorists of the so-called DNR and was imprisoned for almost two months.

In 2016, the Sergey Zakharov's graphic novel "Hole" was published, where each illustration is a remembrance about real events. To understand what it is like to be held captive by pro-Russian terrorists, you have only to open this book. The book has been republished in 2018 and translated into 8 languages.

The new "Adapter of reality" exhibition of the artist is dedicated to seeing our everyday life with the eyes of the artist. The artist is able to see the special things in the ordinary everyday life that most of us are experiencing, without thinking about them.

"These pictures show the moments when a person feels very clearly that he or she is living," the artist explains. – For example, one of the pictures is called "Walking the Imagined Dog". It seems like nothing special, the owners have to walk their pets. At the same time, it is a certain ritual when a person thinks or dreams about something. Well, if you do not have a real dog, then you walk your imagined dog, that is, your ideas, plans and dreams".

On another canvas called "Hygge", we can see a person who feels very comfortable. This person is wrapped in a blanket, reads something interesting, and a cup of fragrant tea is nearby.

The "Tenderness", title picture of the exhibition, shows one of Kiev's courtyards. The viewer unwittingly returns to the remembrances of warm summer evenings or childhood and funny games in the city`s yards.

In general, the exhibition expresses the emotions and thoughts of a person who has experienced many things. It encourages us to appreciate every moment of life and to see some special even in ordinary things.