Kateryna Konovka's Painting Exhibition "From the Sea to the Mountains"

On February 11, at four o'clock in the evening, an exhibition of artist Kateryna Konovka opened in the Bastion gallery.  Her works show us the beauty and greatness of nature. The paintings are created in the style of realism with the help of brushes and mastics (artistic spatulas of different sizes). At the moment, Kateryna has created forty paintings. This is the artist's first exhibition, but she has been interested in painting since her school years and then she realized that she would like to devote her life to the art. The artist creates her paintings from nature or from photographs. Kateryna was born in Odessa region but now she lives in Ivano-Frankivsk.

"The sea and mountains are so different, but there is something that unifies them. It is the beauty and greatness of nature," said the artist. "I have never known the right answer to the question, what is better - the sea or the mountains, but perhaps there is no right answer to this question."

However, both the sea and the mountains are changeable. In the picture "Got Lost" we see a dangerous element - a deep blue sea depth, in which, as if in a bottomless abyss, everything disappears. The other picture, "You are the best", on the contrary, impresses us with its peace and calmness.

"This picture with calm and majestic sea waves is called 'You are the best”. Here we are referring to God, who is the incomparable Creator of the beauty of our world”, said the artist.

Mountain landscapes perfectly depict the changeable nature of the mountains. On one of the canvases we see a fresh and cold morning in the mountains, and on the other a warm evening, filled with the golden rays of the setting sun.

Most of the canvases are painted in gentle colors, helping to break away from the stressing everyday life.

The exhibition is charitable. Part of the costs from the sale of paintings will be used to help a poor family living in difficult conditions.