Painting exhibition "Colors of Life"

Today, an exhibition of Yevgenia Smetska's artworks opened in our gallery. Ms. Yevgenia is a native of Kharkiv, but has been living in Odesa with her family for more than ten years. She has loved to draw since childhood, but took up painting seriously only in 2016. She creates in the techniques of oil painting, watercolor and pastel. She always begins a new work in a good mood, so that the viewer feels it while looking at the canvas.

 According to the artist, painting learns first of all to understand oneself, to think and to see the beauty of the surrounding world. That is why Ms. Yevgenia draws her inspiration primarily from the beauty of nature, the tenderness of leaves and petals, the sea and the sky. She presented her works at exhibitions in many cities of Ukraine, and is exhibiting them for the first time in Ivano-Frankivsk.

The artist's new exhibition mainly presents still lives and landscapes. The patriotic theme attracts attention - a portrait of a kobzar, who, holding a kobza, thinks some deep thoughts, a portrait of a Ukrainian woman in national dress, a still life with yellow and blue flowers and a pendant in the form of a trident, as well as a portrait of a young mother, which would depict well the words of T. Shevchenko: "There is nothing better than that young mother with her little baby."

Welcome to view the exhibition!