Exhibition of Vladimir Semchuk "Pareidolia"

Volodymyr Semchuk's exhibition "Pareidolia" is currently taking place in the Art na Mur gallery.

The name of the exhibition means "false visual or auditory perception of real objects as others, similar in general features". An example of pareidolia is when figures of people or animals are seen in the form of clouds, and faces in geometric figures.

In its influence on consciousness, the artist's works are similar to the classical developing of photographic films. Expressive colors and shades, clear lines in which the outlines of roofs, trees, mounds, climbs, mountains and clouds appeared. And you understand that this is the Carpathian mountains in some unique artistic vision, as if in a different light and under a different sun, where the grass can be red and the sky yellow.

Realistic, expressive and abstract art styles are combined the artist's work.