Victor Babak`s exhibition “Butterflies”

Victor Babak and his butterflies. A mini-interview with an artist whose works are currently demonstrated at the Bastion Gallery.

- When did you start working?

- I graduated from art school and Art College, but until 2015, I had almost no opportunity to realize my artistic abilities. Life turned out so that I was mainly engaged in the design and manufacture of designer furniture. In 2015, I was finally able to dedicate myself to my favorite job - painting in pastel and acrylic.

- In what genres do you work?

- Mainly in the genre of abstraction and realism. By creating such paintings, I feel artistic freedom and can express my mood, feelings and experiences.

- Why butterflies? Where does your passion for them come from?

- I can say that I have been fascinated by butterflies since childhood. I have always been fascinated by the colors and shape of these creatures. Later, my admiration for with the amazing transformation of an ugly caterpillar into a gentle and graceful creature became the topic of my work. I am busy with it to this day.

- Is there any symbolism or hidden meaning in your works?

- For me, the butterfly is a symbol of the soul, immortality, rebirth and resurrection. He is capable of reincarnation and transformation, because this winged creature is born from the ugly caterpillar.

- At what exhibitions were your works demonstrated?

- I have participated in many exhibitions, so I will mention only a few of them. So, only last year my works were exhibited at the collective exhibition of abstract art at the Museum of Local History in Ivano-Frankivsk, at the All-Ukrainian Triennial of Abstract Art in Chernivtsi, at the All-Ukrainian Biennial of Abstract Art in Kyiv. This year I took part in the international online exhibition "UNLOCKED". At the Art na Mur Gallery in the Bastion Gallery, my paintings were first exhibited in 2016.

- Where can we see your paintings now?

- Right now, my latest works are demonstrated at the Bastion Gallery. You are invited!