Exhibition "Renaissance. Remember yourself true "

An exhibition of artist Yulia Kovba opened in our gallery today. With her paintings, the author seeks to inspire the viewer to think, learn about their hidden potential and inner fears, discover something new and unusual. That is why the artist`s paintings are in the genre of cosmism, because it allows to activate the creative imagination and revive the human subconscious. Ms. Julia started creating her paintings in 2015. She comes from the Zaporozhye region and received her art education at the Zaporozhye Pedagogical College.

The artist's paintings are metaphorical and associative, and everyone will see in them their own truth, which is hidden somewhere deep in the soul, under a thick layer of daily worries. Thus, the painting "The Universe is Around You" symbolically depicts a person who lives in his cramped world, as if in a small room, performing the same actions and communicating with a limited number of people. At the same time, she does not notice that there is a huge universe around her, where there are so many opportunities, opinions and ideas.

The canvas "Balance, Law, Victory, Karma" symbolically depicts Ukraine rising from its knees. Ukraine is depicted as a fantastic and powerful creature - a half-man-half-ox. With this canvas, the artist expressed her conviction that our people are strong and have strong creative skills. So the time will surely come when Ukraine will rise from its knees.

Painting "Eternity, dream, wake up!" symbolizes a person who lives most of his life as if in a lethargic dream. His or her life is monotonous and uninteresting, so he or she lives almost without waking up. Maybe it's time to break the vicious circle and start living a real life?

Welcome to the exhibition!