Exhibition "Tesla Ark" by Roman Bonchuk

Yesterday, at 4 pm, the artist Roman Bonchuk presented his new project "Tesla Ark" in the Art na Mur Gallery.  This project combines myth, reality and vision of the future.

It is based on the biblical myth of Noah's ark, which symbolizes the transition from old to new. The author depicted the Ark as a "vessel from the future" inhabited by the same "creatures from the future", including Teslazaurus, Teslabull and Teslacrocodile.

All characters are made of modern materials using neon lights and lamps. So the author portrayed the animals of the Ark, which will enter the New Era in a new form and with an improved "interface".

While preparing the Tesla Ark project, the author made an attempt to reflect the imagined transition from the old to the new. Modern mechanics, upgrades, restyling or rebranding are attempts to rethink familiar systems through the modern thinking. We cannot stop the new trends of evolution in automation, where most of the processes will be performed by robots or robotic people who have been "upgraded". We can think that it is inhumane, we can not even accept it, because it will be a new illusion, but it will happen soon.

As Roman Bonchuk pointed out, the modern era is an era of design and new forms, and it is not only a guarantee and a marker of evolution and development, but also a search for new meanings and essences. The world is moving towards robotics and automation, towards more laconic forms and fast results. And this is not only due to the compaction of the time system. This is a requirement of the market, and geopolitics itself, and even new forms of social relations. The border between the Old and New Worlds will be contrasting ...

Welcome to the new exhibition!