Exhibition of canvases by students of the Higher Art School No. 3

An exhibition of graduation works of young artists continues in the Bastion Gallery. The canvases are created in different styles and techniques, mostly landscapes and still lives, but there are also portraits, including a portrait of Taras Shevchenko. The canvases reflect the creative skills and preferences of the authors and invite the viewer to the magical world of nature. A total of thirty paintings were presented at the annual presentation.

Young artists have invested a lot of effort and time in their works. So the student Svitlana Portnyagina in her graduation work recreated Ukrainian motifs with oil paints. It is a rooster on a fence, behind which a traditional village house can be seen. The artist worked on the painting for six months - first she drew sketches, and then she created a complete composition.

Young artist Victoria Vitovska presented the canvas "Seasons", made of glass beads. To depict the beauty of the changing seasons, she portrayed the seasons in the form of girls in luxuriant dresses. The author first tried this embroidery technique in the first year of school and intends to create beaded paintings in the future, despite the fact that such work is very tiring for the eyes.

Currently, more than two hundred students are graduates of the Higher Art Vocational School №3. These are carpenters, wood and birch carvers, masters of decoration.

Welcome to the exhibition!