Exhibition "Birds" by Natalia Salamin

An exhibition of oil paintings "Birds" is underway at the Bastion Gallery. The author of the exhibition Natalia Salamin, a native of Lviv region, moved to Ivano-Frankivsk at the age of 15. In 2005, Natalia graduated from University of Oil and Gas with a degree in geology.

The artist began her journey to painting in 2017. At first, she made timid attempts to draw on her own, and in June 2018 she decided to attend Lubomyr Khudyak's private lessons at the “Art Attic”.

 Today, Ms. Natalia's works include picturesque landscapes, still lives with flowers and berries, as well as images of birds. Her paintings embody an integral world, cultivate aesthetic taste, lift the mood, add a sense of harmony and beauty.

The exhibition of oil paintings "Birds" is dedicated to the author's grandmother - Daria Ivanivna Salamin. Daria Ivanivna loved birds very much, knew a lot of interesting things about them, loved to watch birds, collected lace boxes with their images. As the author recalls, during her childhood, her grandmother gladly shared her knowledge about birds, which inspired her granddaughter to create this series of paintings.

Creating for Mrs. Natalia is like breathing, feeling and reproducing.

The author has participated in the following exhibitions:

"Mood", House of Nature in Kyiv, October 2018

"Berries", restaurant "Kuhnya" Ivano-Frankivsk, May 2019

"Berries", Bastion Gallery, Ivano-Frankivsk, June 2019

"Illuminated Palette", House of Artists, Kyiv, December 2019

 "Living Planet", House of Artists, Kyiv, July 2020

 Online exhibition in the art gallery of the National Reserve "Ancient Halych";

Exhibition in the cafe "Apartment No. 3", Ivano-Frankivsk, July 2021

Welcome to the exhibition!