Exhibition "At the Break"

At the Break is a traveling exhibition that invites you to think over the challenges to Ukrainian society by the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine. The exhibition includes the stories of civilians who became active participants in military events and experienced persecution or oppression in conditions of legal arbitrariness.

"At the Break" consists of 14 stands. The exhibition combines personal stories of victims with infographics and video stories that contain candid testimonies of people who have experienced uncertainty and fear, separation from their own families, forced migration and living in lawlessness in the temporarily occupied territories.

You have the opportunity to compare personal stories with data illustrating changes in society: the polarization of society into "ours" and "not ours", the marginalization of the population due to the usurpation of power by militants "LNR / DNR", the difficulties of civilian life in lawlessness and as a result, demographic changes in Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Stand 13 also mentions the restoration of justice: what civilians think about the amnesty of the militants and the further reintegration of the occupied territories into Ukraine.

"At the Break" is not only an exhibition but also an art space created to understand the topic of the war in Ukraine, the impact of armed conflict on the civilian population. You have the opportunity to realize how the war in Donbass began; how it changed people; what can be done to influence the situation and change it for the better. Each exhibition includes discussions with local residents on the problems of post-war society and coming back to peaceful life, as well as the perception of violence during the war by civilians.

The project was attended by member organizations of the coalition: NGO "Eastern Ukrainian Center for Public Initiatives", Charitable Foundation "East-SOS", NGO "Moloda Prosvita Prykarpattia ", NGO" Crisis Media Center "Seversky Donets" ", NGO" Public Center for Human Rights Research "and NGO" Public Committee for the Protection of Constitutional Rights and Freedoms of Citizens ".