Exhibition "Music which I see" by Eduard Nikonorov

The exhibition was opened to commemorate the famous Ivano-Frankivsk artist Eduard Nikonorov, who died last year. Eduard Nikonorov was one of the most interesting contemporary Ukrainian artists. Abroad, his art is even better known than at home. He took part in exhibitions of prestigious galleries in Germany, Australia, France, USA and many other countries. His canvases are in the collection of the European Art Gallery. They are also owned by well-known people in the world of politics and business including Ivanna Trump, the first wife of Donald Trump, the American President.

The artist's canvases look like improvisations, a kind of collage of characters, objects, details. They combine elements from different times, cultures, styles, incompatible forms because the new worldview is born in the combination of incompatible elements.

Eduard Nikonorov was often inspired by historical facts, mythology and history of European painting. He also independently created mythology and added a touch of irony to it. His canvases contain elements of modern culture, namely the language of the media – graffiti, comics and advertising.

The artist clearly divided human nature into good and evil, spiritual and bestial. But his works do not contain boring lecture. On the contrary, they are full of grotesque, irony, satire.

Due to their expressiveness and unique style, the artist's works are usually in the spotlight during the exhibitions.