Exhibition of the international art project "Art Axis"

From October 23 to November 6, 2021, the Bastion Gallery will host an exhibition initiated by the international art project "Art Axis".

The project started in 2018 as a result of a partnership initiative of the Center for Cultural and Artistic Initiatives in Lviv and the Lviv Regional Charitable Foundation "TORBA".

The purpose of the project is to build international cultural and artistic cooperation and partnership to support artists regardless of their age, ethnicity, religion or creative affiliation. The mission of the project is to help in developing the artistic abilities of people with special needs and gifted children deprived of parental care.

To participate in ART AXIS 2021, the organizing committee registered more than one and a half hundred applications with works of art from Brazil, Haiti, Ecuador, Spain, Italy, Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico, South Africa, Portugal, Poland, the United States, Ukraine, France and the Czech Republic. The authors of the works were in the age 6 - 60+ years. By the decision of the Qualification Board, 27 canvases were selected for the exhibition.

This year's theme of the international project Art Axis is the eighth day of the week. Apparently, many of us miss such a day, and everyone would use it in his own way. Someone would complete work, and someone would communicate with loved ones or for their own dreams and fantasies.

Welcome to the exhibition!