The "Wings" exhibition by Roksolana Popadynets

On Saturday, October 3, the "Wings" exhibition by Roksolana Popadynets was officially presented to the visitors of the Art Na Mur gallery. This is the author's first personal exhibition.

According to Ms. Roxolana, the wings look exactly as she imagined. The author`s first work was inspired by her husband who came up with the idea to decorate the apartment with such a canvas. The gray wings were created to transfer this image to the clothes, in such a T-shirt you really feel free and inspired. Pink wings were created for girls and women, because a fairy lives in the soul of every woman. The “Shield Wings” panting complete this series of paintings, which are associated with protection, confidence and peace.

"Wings are a symbol of flight, incredible opportunities without restrictions," says the author of the exhibition. - This is an opportunity to be free from all circumstances and to be outside the reality. There are people who flew in a dream and dreamed of flying as a child. Creativity gives us the opportunity to extend this magical period of dreams and fairy-tale fantasies. I believe that each of us has his invisible wings. And if you want to strengthen them, try to dress them ... and go up. "

Roksolana Popadynets was born on December 16, 1981. She began to paint pictures during her second pregnancy period, and the plots of some of them came to her in a dream. The author does not sell her works, but there were many who wanted to buy them, so she began to transfer the images to the textile. This is how decorative pillows, scarves, and "winged" T-shirts appeared. To date, the author has created the following series of paintings: "Wings", "Angels", "Girls", "Energy Centers", "Butterflies", "Dancers", "The Sea Girl".

Welcome to the exhibition!