Exhibition of graphics by Petro Hrytsiuk

On Saturday, July 31, an exhibition of graphics by Petro Hrytsiuk opened at the Art na Mur gallery. The canvases presented at the exhibition are made by the artist in the author's manner, which is called "graphic craquelure". This is a style of graphics, which is characterized by the predominance of curved lines, which together create the illusion of crackles.

The canvases selected for the exhibition are united by a single content of philosophical knowledge, existence, worldview and research. These canvases are a graphic continuation of the previous series "On the verge of contradictions".

At the same time, the creative concept of the artist is based on simple, clear things and popularize well-known values ​​and achievements in the artistic way, so that there was an opportunity to think, comprehend, draw some conclusions. At the same time, the wide interpretation of the plots is possible.

Petro Hrytsiuk was born on November 7, 1979 in the village of Mykulychyn, Yaremche Region, Ivano-Frankivsk Region, Ukraine. He is a lawyer and he is engaged in art in his spare time. He also writes poetry. He had a number of solo exhibitions, both in Ukraine and abroad (Greece, Canada, Hungary, Romania).

The author is a honorary citizen of the village of Mykulychyn, laureate of the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Prize named after Yaroslav Lukavetsky in the field of fine arts, laureate of the Prize named after Mykola Domashevsky in the field of literature and art. Member and partner of the "Portal of Independent Artists", member of the literary and artistic association "Zgarda" and the association of artists "Mystetske Bratstwo". Author and manager of creative events of the all-Ukrainian patriotic art project "Our only destiny is Ukraine".

Many of the artist's canvases are united in the exhibition "On the verge of contradictions" (2013-2016), "Stanisławòw & Galicia" (2015-2020). Now he is working on a series of canvases "Philosophy of Color", "Winged Planet".

Welcome to the exhibition!