Exhibition of graphics by Ivan Vatutin

On Saturday, February 17, the first exhibition of lawyer and amateur artist Ivan Vatutin opened in our gallery.

As the author notes, he became interested in drawing after he was given pencils and a small sketchbook for his 60th birthday. "Unlike court proceedings, which are strictly regulated by codes, drawing is a much more interesting process and pleasantly differs from court cases. You cannot lose in it."

Ivan Vatutin was born in 1957, graduated from the Ivano-Frankivsk Oil and Gas Institute (majoring in "Mechanical Engineering Technology") and Vasyl Stefanyk Prykarpathian National University ("Jurisprudence"), and has been practicing law and advocacy for a long time.

In 2017, he became interested in drawing (mostly graphics). Prior to that, he was practically not engaged in this and did not get an education in art institutions. The artist often makes his artistic sketches during trips to the mountains, in particular to the Pysanyj Kamin`, to Mount Kostrycha and to other picturesque places.

The author draws mainly with pencil, charcoal, liners and sepia. Two dozen works, mostly landscapes, are presented at the exhibition.

We invite you to view the exhibition!