Galina Petrova's exhibition "Faraway in Dreams"

Today, a personal exhibition of artist Galina Petrova opened at the Bastion gallery. Ms. Galina is an amateur artist, but her canvases are of a high artistic level. She is also known for organizing exhibitions of other artists. The artist's works have been exhibited in Lviv, Kyiv, and abroad, in particular in the UK. Her paintings can be seen in private collections in Ukraine, Italy, the USA, Sweden, Spain, England, Lithuania and other countries.

The "Faraway in Dreams" exhibition includes landscapes from different seasons of the year. The element that unites them is water, because it is present in almost every painting. However, it is different everywhere, its character and flow differ, and in each landscape it creates a completely different mood. On the images of water you can see the changes in the technique and style in which the artist created.

"Usually I do not aim to depict a landscape with photographic accuracy," the author says. “That's why I add something from myself in each painting, that is, the canvas reflects not only a specific landscape, but also a part of my fantasies and dreams."

Most of the paintings in the exhibition depict beautiful parts of the nature in the Ivano-Frankivsk region, located in the author's native places. As Ms. Galina tells us, to find ideas for her new canvas, she usually doesn't need to go far from her home. However, the bright rich colors give the Carpathian landscapes a touch of fabulousness, which allows them to look unusually.