Anton Jacyk's exhibition "Flower Nocturne"

The Flower Nocturne exhibition opened today in the Bastion gallery. The exhibition consists of 36 paintings. The artist Anton Jacyk created them during 2019-2020 in the watercolor technique. The author's works depict the beauty of nature, in particular the beauty of flowers.

"I was inspired to create these paintings by the beauty that surrounds us," says the author of the exhibition. - I wanted to depict it on paper. All sketches and canvases were created in the evening, so I named the exhibition "Flower Nocturne".

The works were created in a rather difficult technique. The artist used water-soluble paints, which give the effect of lightness and transparency. The technique of watercolor painting requires great skills, because the transparency of paints does not allow improving the image. Watercolor is painted on granular paper using brushes made of squirrel or ponies hair or nylon brushes.

Anton Romanowych Jacyk was born on June 20, 1981 in Obertyn in the family of Roman Jacyk, artist and historian. The artist works in the techniques of oil painting, watercolor, icon painting, wall painting. He made his first attempts at painting in the junior classes under the guidance of Volodymyr Mondryk and his father. He later studied at the Kolomyia Pedagogical College at the Faculty of Fine Arts, at the Institute of Culture and Arts of Precarpathian Vassyl Stefanyk University.

He continues his professional activity as an engraver, designer, teacher of fine arts, designer of historical and children's literature. The author's works are stored in private collections in Ukraine and abroad.