Exhibition of abstractions by Petro Hrytsiuk

An exhibition of abstractions by Petro Hrytsiuk has opened at the Art na Mur gallery.

The author of the exhibition was born on November 7, 1979 in the village of Mykulychyn, Yaremche district, Ivano-Frankivsk region. He is a lawyer, in his spare time is engaged in art and writes poetry. He had several personal exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad, took part in national and regional exhibitions. The author is a winner of the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Prize named after Yaroslav Lukavetsky in the field of fine arts, winner of the prize named after Mykola Domashevsky in the field of literature and art.

Petro Hrytsiuk is also a member and partner of the Portal of Independent Artists, member of the literary and artistic association "Zgarda" and the association of artists "Mystetske Bratstwo". He is an author of creative events of the all-Ukrainian patriotic art project "Our only destiny is Ukraine".

Much of the artist's artwork is combined in the exhibition "On the verge of contradictions" (2013-2016), he is working on paintings "Philosophy of Color", "Winged Planet".

During 2015 - 2019 he created and continued to work on paintings and graphic works "Stanislawow & Galicia".

The author described the concept and idea of ​​his exhibition of abstractions in the poem:

Our whole life in colors:

Red, yellow or green.

And even our feelings in the paint,

Everything is in tones of sad or cheerful.


Sometimes it is colorful, sometimes even gray,

It can be confused with a low kitsch,

And you cannot recognize black and white.

The day is coming and then the night.


But the darkness has also its halftones,

As light flows has its dark spots.

You also have a palette, please create

With your own hands the canvas of your life!