Exhibition of abstractions by Olena Popova

An exhibition of abstractions by Olena Popova continues at the Bastion Gallery. According to the author, the main thing in her paintings is color. It evokes a variety of emotions, creates a mood and a unique atmosphere.

Multicolored paints spill over, forming fantastic compositions, and their pattern does not always repeat the sketch. Here everything is like in the laboratory of life: the end result does not always correspond to the plan. The density of the paint, the specific weight of the pigment, the thickness of the paint layer also play an important role…

The artist Olena Popova was born in 1957 in Riga. She studied at the children's art school in Ivano-Frankivsk in 1972. She graduated from the University of oil and gas with a degree in energy engineering.

Since 1992, the author has been engaged in decorative and applied arts - ceramics (panels, figurines), painted Christmas balls, made Venetian masks based on papier-mâché, organizing two personal exhibitions of her work.

There was also a period of lampwork in Ms. Olena's life - making author's beads from soft glass and copper jewelry. For some time she also tried to find herself in icon painting.

The author's latest hobby is abstraction using the technique of acrylic filling.

Welcome to the exhibition!