Exhibition of paintings by Vitaly Gotsanyuk

Herewith we are inviting you to visit the exhibition of a young Ivano-Frankivsk artist, made in an unusual technique of abstract-expressive calligraphy. It is a dynamic and expressive art, the elements of which can be seen in various fields - from painting and theatrical art to clothing design.

Vitaliy Gotsanyuk started his career as a street artist and designer, now he continues to study art at the university. Independently, he studied calligraphy and fonts, was engaged in the creation of font and artistic compositions. In the debut personal exhibition, the author presents his understanding of goodness and human values.

The focus of the project is the word "goodness", hidden in abstract lines and layers of paint. Due to layering and repetition, the word itself turns into an abstract spot, loses its readability. This symbolizes the devaluation and leveling of this concept. The viewer is unable to read or distinguish the word "goodness" among other calligraphic symbols, and therefore is forced to look for his "own" goodness.

The primitive-naive writing seems to take the viewer back to the past, when people had other values, and the word "goodness" was not just an empty sound or a written word. The original technique of abstract-expressive calligraphy gives a fragile elegance to the image and brings to the theme of sincerity and vulnerability of the soul. The lines symbolize the essence of being and the infinite movement forward.

The author's work is an attempt to make the viewer think about the essence of goodness. Does it really exist? Does he do something good and does he know how to appreciate it? The author's works do not give answers to these questions, because everyone must find the essence of goodness in his own soul.