New shop

A new shop "I am a Cossack" has opened in our gallery, where a wide range of embroidered dresses and shirts is presented.

A few years ago, embroidered dresses or shirts were not in everyone's wardrobe and were considered as clothes for special occasions. But now embroidered shirts have become so popular that they are worn with everything from skirts and heels to jeans and trainers. These are casual, business, festive, romantic and simply beautiful clothes for everyone.

Each of the options offered by the shop "I am a Cossack" has its own unique features, so you can buy something new not only for yourself, but also for your relatives. Moreover, each product is also handmade, which is a characteristic feature of the presented products. Each craftswoman, working on a shirt or dress, puts her soul and all her talent into her work.

Today, each product is not just a shirt or dress embroidered with patterns. This is a way of expressing of creative fantasies of the craftswomen, which turns ordinary clothes into a work of folk art. Moreover, the craftswomen have many ideas: colorful ornaments, roses, poppies, guelder-rose, sunflowers and many other interesting and original things.

We invite you to visit the new shop and choose something for you!