Collective exhibition "I am depicting the world"

Yesterday, an exhibition of creative works opened in our gallery. The authors are three mega-creative friends – Anna Kuzmak from Ivano-Frankivsk, Stanislava Vakula from Kyiv and Yulia Korshak from Kyiv (creative pseudonym - Yulajla Grays Lary).

The artists met during volunteer work and decided to continue joint activities in the art. Anna Kuzmak presented poetry on canvas, Stanislav Vakula - abstractions, and Yulajla Grays Lary - paintings with images of animals on suede and velvet.

Anna Kuzmak grew up in a small village in the Lviv region, and now lives in Ivano-Frankivsk. She is an economist and a lawyer by education, an officer of the National Police in the past, a volunteer and an illustrator at the call of her heart. Anna works in several directions: she creates graphic illustrations, design of advertising products and clothes, and also acrylic paintings.

The next participant of the exhibition - Yulajla Grays Lary - is known not only in Ukraine, because her paintings are successfully sold abroad. She creates her paintings with acrylic paints on suede and velvet. Her works are an original combination of color, interesting subject and surface texture.

Another artist participating in the exhibition is Stanislava Vakula. She is a graduate of Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts. Stanislava has been drawing for a long time, and over time she felt that she wanted to be closer to the canvas, so she began to draw with her fingers. "After many years of searching for my individuality, my hands began to draw circles. In these circles you can see everything: infinity, water circles, the beauty of star circles, mandalas, feel a state of hypnosis and much more. Our whole life goes in a circle and is the foundation of the esoteric world!" - the author says.

Works can be purchased. Part of the costs from the sale will be used to purchase a drone for the Armed Forces.

Welcome to the exhibition!