Photo exhibition "Deafness is not a verdict"

The photo exhibition dedicated to the five-year anniversary of the "Deafness is not a verdict" public organization was opened today, at two o'clock in the presence of numerous adults and young guests. The purpose of the event was to unite parents whose children suffer from hearing problems, to draw public attention to this problem, and to emphasize that these children have the right to a normal life. This purpose is underlined by the motto of the exhibition - "Hear me, please".

"Children with hearing problems are often called “electronic children” because they use cochlear implants or hearing aids," says Olga Zastavna, chairperson of the public organization. – And it offends us a bit because our children are the same as everyone else. They are beautiful, joyful and talented and have the right to develop their talents and enjoy life. "

The opening of the photo exhibition was attended by Maria Boyko, Head of the Health Directorate, Petro Stroich, a deputy of the city council and other guests who are not indifferent to this problem.

 "Hearing-impaired children find it more difficult to contact their age-mates, it is more difficult for them to adapt in a children's group," said Christina Masliak, secretary of the public organization. That is why it is very important for the parents not to feel lonely and to understand that this problem can be solved.  The children, on their part, should not feel embarrassed and become unsociable".

The little heroes of the photo exhibition whose photos are on the walls of the gallery showed their talents by reading poems and telling about the problem of hearing impaired people in Ukraine. They also enjoyed sweets, had fun with clowns and posed for cameras.