Family Art Travel. Joint exhibition of Halyna Shevtsova, Oleksandra Malyshko and Olga Koloda

The joint exhibition of three authors opened today in the Bastion gallery. This exhibition presents mainly landscapes and reflects the worldview of the authors.

Halyna Shevtsova is the founder of a private art school in the Dnipro city. In her artistic activity, she is inspired by the legends of her native country, as well as travels to other countries. She also works on the problems of national and international means of imagery in painting, participated in about 50 exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad. Her canvases can be seen in Ukraine and in private collections in the United States, Brazil, Poland, Italy, France and other countries.

Olexandra Malyshko comes from an artistic family, her great-grandfather was a self-taught icon painter. She started drawing as a child, which was facilitated by the beautiful landscapes of Dnipropetrovsk region, where she grew up. According to the artist, she tries to have an artistic dialogue with everything around her. Landscapes are transformed into lines, dance rhythmically, run in the viewer's imagination… And the picture already turns into another fantasy and continues its dialogue with the world.

Olga Koloda has participated in about ten art exhibitions in Ukraine. She thinks that the life is a journey where the cultures of different people are mixed, studies the cultural heritage and traditions of different regions of Ukraine and Belarus. Having a medical education, the artist participated in the ATO and OOS as a senior military medic in the military rank of sergeant. Her dream is to establish a private art residence in the Carpathians and a public organization whose activities will be dedicated to the psychological rehabilitation of ATO participants by artistic means.

The exhibition is complemented with poems by Solomiya Mardarovych, a journalist, presenter and author of two poetry collections.