Children's Exhibition of Yulia Ivashko's Students

Today, at four o'clock in the evening, an exhibition of paintings opened, presenting the works of twenty-five young artists. The artists' ages range from seven to twelve years, but their paintings are highly artistic. Here you can see different techniques – watercolors, acrylics, oil paints. Paintings are also different in their styles and subjects.

“We try to take into account the child's talents and tastes as much as possible,” says Yulia Ivashko, Head of School. – It is important, because it is easy to discourage a young artist at the very beginning. We try to notice what the child makes better and let it improve itself in this direction. However, each student learns different painting techniques and styles at one level or another. ”

The skills of the little artists are amazing, because these techniques are not easy. For example, it is difficult for a child to create with watercolor paints because this technique requires patience and accuracy. It usually takes about three years from the beginning of studies to the creation of beautiful paintings.

"My paintings are made with oil paints," says the young artist Julia Bodnar. – They depict pineapple and avocado. Besides of painting, I really like plants and even tried to grow avocados at home. In the future, I dream of becoming a professional artist. ”

Participants of the exhibition were awarded with special certificates.

The bastion Gallery sincerely congratulates young artists on their debut and hopes that they will return to our gallery as professional artists.