Exhibition of creative works of Halyna Kuhar

On Friday, March 22, an exhibition of Galina Kuhar's creative works opened in our gallery.

The author loved to draw since childhood, so she chose to study at the Ivano-Frankivsk art school. Subsequently, she continued to study creative arts at Lviv Polytechnic State University, majoring in Architecture. For a long time, she worked as a teacher at the Ivano-Frankivsk Construction Lyceum. Today, Halyna Kuhar works as a teacher at the Design Department of University named after King Danylo.

 The creative activity of the author is filled with searching. Mrs. Halyna looks for inspiration in graphics, gouache, watercolor, and oil techniques. Decorating projects occupy almost the largest part of the soul: decorating shop windows, holiday and interior decor, etc. And the artist writes poems under the pseudonym Lika Vorto.

 The works presented at the exhibition are a series of watercolor works "Mavky" (i.e. forest nymphs)  and a series of graphic compositions "Birds". The author's parents are from Rohatyn region, so the nature of her native region was reflected in gorgeous wreaths of nymphs, which represent different elements and seasons.

 Monochrome graphics with the image of birds traveling from or to the Vyriy make you think about the ephemerality of life, because the Vyriy is a mythical sunny country where the souls of the dead live and birds spend the winter.

Welcome to the exhibition!