Exhibition of paintings by Oksana Trygub-Milashevych

Today, at 12.00, there was opened the tenth exhibition of Oksana Trygub-Milashevych "While the whole world sleeps…"

The author of the exhibition is a native of Donbass, now lives in Ivano-Frankivsk. She has been fond of painting since her childhood. "I remember sitting in the garden and drawing when I was five. This is the brightest recollection of my childhood, ”Ms. Oksana sais. She remembered this moment for whole her life, but she did not think she would become an artist. The author of the exhibition tried herself in various fields: she was a yoga instructor, studied economics and journalism, worked on the radio.

After many years in art, Ms. Oksana admits that she still can't call herself an artist, because there is a lot to improve. But she continues to create paintings and realizes that this is her mission. Interestingly, the author of the exhibition has never studied painting.

Ms. Oksana tries to add some "zest" to each painting, she invests a lot of energy. The motives of her paintings are never repeated, she works simultaneously in three genres - still life, landscape and abstraction. Paintings in all three genres were included in her anniversary exhibition.

Welcome to the exhibition!