Exhibition of paintings by Natalia Kolizhak

On December 24, the Bastion Gallery opened an exhibition of paintings by Natalia Kolizhak, which consists of two parts - "When color disappears" and "When color appears". The first part of the exhibition presents monochrome canvases, and the second - colorful abstractions.

"Abstraction is a picture, the content of which you determine yourself," says the artist. "Sometimes she speaks to you, touching the secret strings of your soul, opening doors that you haven't noticed before. And sometimes it is silent, calming the whirlpool of emotions in your soul, and allows silence to restore your balance”.

Natalia Kolizhak was born on March 7, 1997 in the village of Zagvizdya, Ivano-Frankivsk region. She wanted to paint all her life, but realized her dream only two years ago. The artist has participated in exhibitions at the Museum of Local Lore and in the cafe "Apartment 3".

Looking at the works of the artist, it is difficult to determine what is more beautiful - the elegant simplicity of monochrome or bright flashes of colors. After all, the viewer is equally fascinated by both.