Exhibition of paintings by Galyna Vynnyk

The exhibition "Touch" by artist Halyna Vynnyk continues in the Bastion Gallery. The exhibition is so named because each canvas is like a touch to the viewer's soul. It awakens in him pleasant memories of wonderful childhood moments, outdoor recreation or a pleasant time with family and friends.

Galyna Vynnyk lives in Nadvirna, Ivano-Frankivsk region, where she was born in 1957.

After graduating from the Ternopil Financial and Economic Institute, she worked as an economist, and later spent a long time abroad.

Ms. Galyna became interested in painting at a mature age, when one of her three grandchildren became interested in painting. Helping her grandson, Mrs. Galyna herself took a paintbrush and tried her hand at painting.

Since then, painting has not just been her favorite hobby, it is her lifestyle that helps her realize herself and inspires her to improve.

More than 400 paintings came out from under the artist's brush, a significant part of which are still lives, portraits and animalistic. Many of her paintings are stored in private collections in Ukraine and abroad.

Welcome to the exhibition!