Exhibition of paintings by Anna-Sofia Pyatnychko

Today, June 7, a small exhibition of paintings by 15-year-old artist Anna-Sofia Pyatnychko opened in our gallery. The author called it "Explosion", because it reflects everything that caused a real explosion in her soul. The beginning of a full-scale Russian invasion to Ukraine, the achievements of the "Ghost of Kiev", the courage of Ukrainians, Ukraine's victory in Eurovision.

The young artist created almost all the paintings far from her home, spontaneously and emotionally. Many paintings depict Ukrainian women in national clothes, which symbolize the identity of the Ukrainian people. The background of some of them is covered with white dots depicting explosions.

The author became interested in art during the quarantine in 2020. The creative process for Anna-Sofia is a reflection of the events that take place with her, around her, regardless of her. The young artist is convinced that art cannot be apolitical or neutral. Especially now, when any support inspires and strengthens what is necessary for the victory.

Welcome to the exhibition!