Painting exhibition of Andriy Yefimenko


The exhibition "Half of a Life" opened in our gallery. The popular artist Andriy Yefimenko presented art works, which are important to him and created over many years of his creative activity. Each of these art works belongs to a certain stage of his artistic career and depicts the ideas that most worried the author at that time.

Welcome to the exhibition!


When the half of your life has passed,

Maybe its better half,

You still want to live like a child

And discover this world like a child.

Your every morning is a golden fleece.

You enjoy the day with all kinds of its gifts -

Morning coffee, the sun through the window,

Hugs and kisses of your wife.


Everything has a different taste,

When the half of your life has passed,

You know that you are no longer a young man,

But a person with rational thought.

You have a load of years on your shoulders -

Your experience, everything valuable happened.

Something was unfortunate, depressive

Something joyful straightened your shoulders.


And so it flowed, flew, passed by,

Like that sand through a glass funnel.

Only the reflection in the mirror said

That everything is actually temporary.

And no matter how carefully you adjust your dreams

Under the invisible timeline,

The incessant trickle of time can't be stopped.

Not every word will wait for a rhyme.


You are kept in this world by affairs -

Everything that you have to do.

Something for glory, something from the heart,

And you don't want to owe obligations.

Therefore, you must have time to do

Everything that you could achieve.

To have fun, create, live fruitfully

You always hope for that.


And the unfinished things sometimes disturb

What is left, does not give peace to you.

Everything has its beginning and the end,

There is always an order in everything.

And you want to keep yourself in order

In thoughts, in everyday life,

When it is possible to manage everything,

You can be sure, your life was not in vain.


Andriy Yefimenko.