Exhibition of works of the photo club "Promin", the city of Dolyna

History of the photo club "Promin" began in the 70s of the XIX century, because there is a historical proof that the art of photography was successfully developing in Dolyna in those period and there was a photo club "Promin", which united photography enthusiasts and professional masters.

On November 24, 2009, Dolyna photographers renewed the activities of this historical photo club and filled it with new content. The club consists of experienced photographers and talented young people who are interested in the art of photography.

Club members take part in Ukrainian and international photo exhibitions, organize creative meetings and photographic plein-airs. During its creative activity the photo club "Promin" presented 6 photo catalogs. With its support, the International Satirical and Humorous Photo Contest "Jolly haystack" has been held for the third year. In 2011, the club received the title of National Club.

The new exhibition "Dolyna in the Rays of the Years 2019-2020" is a joint work of the club's photographers.

Welcome to the exhibition!