The Space Spring Exhibition

The Space Spring exhibition is underway at the Bastion Gallery. Students of the intuitive painting studio “Me, You and Art” presented 21 paintings, which reflect their vision of space and spring. Young artists range in age from five to fourteen.

Each presented canvas is like a separate small planet, the territory of the rich imagination of young artists who managed to combine two such different topics - spring and space. Every year we can see spring around us, and space is distant and inaccessible. But children's imagination made them close and bright.

According to the founder of the studio, Oksana Trygub-Milashevych, the art space for children was originally planned as an opportunity for art therapy. Its purpose was to help students better understand themselves and their emotions. The child can express in color what cannot be described in words. Children create as they feel, having a chance to express themselves in art as completely as possible.

All paintings impress with bright colors, unusual topics and forms, because they are painted on round canvases.

Welcome to visit!