Exhibition of photographs by Oleg Netetskyi

Yesterday, an exhibition of works by a famous Ivano-Frankivsk photographer opened in our gallery. Mr. Oleg himself modestly notes that photography is his hobby, but among local lovers of beautiful photos, he has a fame as a master of unexpected shots and "caught by the tail" unique moments.

Oleg Netetskyi has been engaged in photography for eight years, but he assures that he has been interested in photography since childhood. He always liked to take pictures of interesting moments of life. "There is most nature in my photographs," the author notes. - I really like to photograph the night. I like the night, but it is also difficult to take a good shot in the dark. Every moment and every second has a secret attraction. You walk and you may not even notice it, but when you take a picture, something incredible comes out.”

23 photographs of the author are presented at the exhibition. The exhibition is organized with the assistance of the volunteer project "United by love".

 Welcome to view the exhibition!