Exhibition "Soul of Africa" by Nina Selska

The artist's work is reflecting the hot Africa, which looks at us through the eyes of its charming inhabitants. Their views are different, but each of them reflects a part of the soul - wild and rebellious like African nature

These women are proud of their exotic beauty and rebellious nature, and it motivates them to fight against the traditional morals imposed by the modern world. They keep the defense in their inner world, not allowing the inner beast to shake the pillars of truth on which the world rests. In this way, they keep their true selves, leaving their thoughts and desires completely pure.

Trying to escape from a leopard will end fatally if this leopard is a symbol of our shortcomings. We must accept ourselves as we are - black, white or yellow, and fight with the shortcomings that each of us has, regardless of skin color. Therefore, it is safe to say that a small part of Africa lives in the soul of each of us.