Exhibition of animated paintings by Natalia Dovganyuk

An exhibition of digital paintings created by Natalia Dovganyuk from Kolomyia (pseudonym Natali DK) was opened in our gallery yesterday. Her paintings are a virtual journey through the cities of Ukraine and the world. All you need to get acquainted with her work is a smartphone and the willingness to enrich your knowledge. Next to the exhibition there is a frame with a QR-code, through which you can download a special application and view the exhibition through it.

Narrow old streets, historical and modern architecture come to life in animated paintings. Next to each of the paintings there is information about the building depicted on it. Culture and history are combined with digital technology to become closer and more understandable to today's generation. Because the further preservation of traditions and culture, the development of national self-consciousness depends on the youth.

The author is convinced that our culture and architectural achievements should be valued and preserved, because it is a silent chronicle of the life of our ancestors. To make the historical buildings of Ukraine and the world closer to the local audience, the young artist tried to make them animated, "alive" - ​​as if you were standing right next to them.

Welcome to the exhibition!