Exhibition of watercolor painting "Hide and seek"

Today in our gallery, the painting exhibition "Hide and seek" by the artist Maria Bezkorovaina opened. Mrs. Maria comes from Kramatorsk, now lives in Ternopil.

 The "Hide and seek" exhibition is about looking at the world and looking for security. One wants to hide from the destructive influence of constant fear... Playing hide-and-seek with a terrible reality, the soul seeks a safe shelter. As in childhood, playing hide and seek gives a sense of security and magic. Thus, our strength consists of memories, they inspire, do not let us lose hope.

Visualizing her emotions in paintings, the artist intertwines the present and the past. She depicts places that have become home for her children. She remembers those where she spent her childhood. Some of those corners have already remained only in photos and memories. However, the author tries to preserve these grains of warmth and comfort in watercolors.

These watercolors are about the simple and ordinary things that are the best in our lives. Childhood is a treasure that we adults should cherish and protect. You may understand this only being an adult. Today it is very difficult to allow yourself to dream. The future has become something unreal. But children, like rays of sunshine in the darkness, remind us that the dawn will come, the darkness will disappear. Childhood is bright, sunny, carefree, safe, like a holiday that is always with you.

We invite you to view the exhibition!