Renovated Corassini restaurant

In our gallery, the renovated Corassini restaurant has hospitably opened its door for visitors. Cozy interior, original cuisine, unique cocktails – everything is here for your perfect evening.

The brand chef of the restaurant – the Italian Roberto Armaroli – will immediately make you fall in love with Italian cuisine and give you the most pleasant experiences. Roberto started to develop Italian cuisine in Ukraine, having just moved here. He opened his restaurant and named it after his grandmother – "Nonna Letizia". Now dishes based on her recipes will be prepared in the Corassini restaurant. Roberto is the third generation to inherit these recipes and he prepares dishes that keep the flavors simple and refined.

Get ready to taste the author's cocktails of Serhiy Zimyelikhin, the restaurant's bar manager. And Serhiy is a botanist, mixologist and the author of the project "Shake it". This summer, he was included in the list of the TOP 50 best barmen in the world according to Hennessy.

We wish you to have a good time and new taste experiences!