Lilia Seniv's Photo Exhibition "Fabulous Newborn Dreams"

Today at three o'clock p.m. at the Bastion Gallery an exhibition was opened that will improve the mood of many of our guests. Artistic photographs of babies touch and demonstrate the best moments of motherhood. Young parents rarely have the opportunity to enjoy them, but years go by quickly, and these unique moments in a child's life will never happen again.

"Most of these photographs are taken at customers' homes," says exhibition author, children's and family photographer Lilia Seniv. – It is so most comfortable for both kids and their parents. It is very important not to miss the most favorable age for infant artistic photos – up to two weeks. Later, it is much more difficult for babies to be photographed. ”

The author usually prepares ideas and requisite for the photos herself, but sometimes the parents or relatives of the baby became co-authors of the photos. In one of the photos, the baby was depicted with a ball. The father of that baby which was a football player expressed this idea. In all, the author created about 140 photographs, mostly in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk and the Ivano-Frankivsk region.

"Unfortunately, this kind of photo art is not very popular at the moment," Ms. Lilia said. "So we would like to have much more wonderful moments of childhood depicted in artistic photographs."