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From the very beginning Stanisławόw (former name of Ivano-Frankivsk) was laid as a fortress city, totally surrounded with protective walls. The date of granting the Magdeburger right to the fortress city —the year 1662 is today considered as the founding date of Ivano-Frankivsk.

The fortress was built to the order of the city’s founder — the count Andrzej Potocki according to the newest achievements of fortification science. It looked like a correct hexagon on the edges of which the bastions were located — external five-cornered fortifications. The creator of those fortifications was the military engineer Francois Corrassini. Experienced engineers S. Potocki and H. Dalke also worked at the fortifications of the city in 1734-1750. The reconstructed gates were the great work of fortress and architectural art. In case of a danger it was possible to place more than 200 cannons on the walls of the fortress. Battle history of the fortress began in 1676, when it stood the siege of the Turkish army of many thousands, headed by Ibragim-pasha.

At the moment two bastions from six do not exist more, the marks of three ones are still noticeable. One bastion was saved to a great extent. Its remains are presented as the brick wall in the Fortechny side-street.

In 2002 there was initiated the project of reconstructing the first bastion — there was made the decision to involve it in the new project of a souvenir and gift gallery. The visitors of that gallery will be able to see the real history of our city — ancient fortress walls, which have been carefully restored and hidden under glass. The project of gallery was developed by the well-known architects, which did their best to emphasize the large historical value of this part of the city and unique architectural attraction which

History of Stanislaviv Fortress (Video)

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    Model of Stanislav fortress, XVIII century.

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    Entrance gate to the palace Potocki.

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    Photo of Stanisławόw bird’s-eye view

Souvenir gallery «Bastion» includes a café, restaurant, contemporary art gallery «Art Na Mur», shops for ceramics and glassware, ethnic-style clothing, jewellery, paintings, perfumes and cosmetics, DIY- shops and other souvenir and gift shops.

In the gallery there are presented varying exhibitions of different kinds of art: photography, painting, drawing and sculpture. There are held literary readings and book presentations. On the square there are held various festivals, in particular the international festival of blacksmiths.

The advantageous location of the gallery promotes it to large popularity among local habitants and guests of the city. It is located in a historical center, where local habitants like to spend their spare time and regional excursions have been traditionally conducted. Connection of the gallery with the center of city by Novgorodska-street and by Sheptickogo-square provides the enormous stream of people during all the day.

Souvenir Gallery «Bastion» was also entered in the list of monuments recommended for visiting by official delegations and tourist groups. Here you can watch a free movie about the history of Stanisławów fortress and to see the living history — ancient fortified wall of the only survived southwestern bastion and prison casemates which are preserved and hidden behind glass.

Nearby located objects are the following: city`s town hall, Central cathedral of Sainted Resurrection, Regional museum, banks, cafes etc.